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From the start of all civilization, Gold has held its own as a worthy and marketable metal – both revered for its beauty and its value. Today, that is truer than ever. As gold production decreases due to limited supply, the value of gold rises. As the value of currency falls, gold rises. Unlike currency, physical gold bullion is not subject to the dramatic results of inflation. While the market fluctuates, gold has a long-term staying power not applicable to other long-term investments. In addition, Gold is known for its liquidity. Though its value might change from day to day, its over all, long-term value has proven, from Roman civilization to the present, to be a solid investment.

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Many people are unaware of silver’s importance in today’s market. Some understand its use as a small denomination currency, or that silver has important industrial and medical application; but very few are knowledgeable about its value as a store of wealth. Although silver has enjoyed a place in monetary systems and in jewelry use for millennia, as technology has advanced, so too has silver’s diversity. Today, silver is not only important investment vehicle, but finds its way into automobiles, electronics, photovoltaics, and medical devices.

Physical silver is an important part of portfolio diversification. Because silver is so wildly popular with governments, industry, and health care, it is now used at a faster rate that mining companies can produce it. According to the Rhenish-Westphalian institute for economic research (RWI), global reserves of silver varies, it always has as intrinsic value that endures valuable metal. Although the price of silver varies, it always has an intrinsic value that endures even in tough economic times. Silver is in high demand, and it can protect your money- and protect you and your family from an uncertain future.

Finding a reliable place to purchase physical silver can be challenging, and that’s why Wealth Capital is here to help. Silver will add to your net worth, and help protect you against losing money, even when other aspects of your portfolio are not performing well. Purchase physical silver and coins from Wealth Capital, and guarantee yourself a solid and diversified portfolio.

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Platinum is important and worthy for a variety of reasons. First of all it serves as a catalyst in many industries such as the manufacturing of gasoline; as well as in the medicine and chemical industries, just to name a few. The consumption of platinum has increased incrementally in the past century, making it not only a metal of importance but also one worth investing in. It is not only the increased demand, but also the scarcity of the metal that makes it valuable; 100 times more scarce than gold.

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Wealth Capital has the ability to drop ship almost any coin that investors are looking to accumulate. we will always have low premiums on gold, silver,and platinum coins with the highest purity. When it comes to coins there is a vast amount of them, but the most sought after are pree 1933 gold coins, and pree 1964 silver coins, as well as numismatic coins that are professionally graded by NGC, PCGS, AND ANACS. For more detailed information on the sought after coins contact Worth Preservation directly, a account representative can explain the benefits that they provide, the different conditions they come in, and the types that where minted back prior to those dates, also they will explain the different grades the numismatist are.