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IRA 401K



Worried about protecting your hard-earned financial assets? Here’s a solution: a precious metals backed IRA that holds precious metals.
Add stability to the mix. Including precious metals in your portfolio lowers your risk by diversifying from paper assets, thus hedging against the economy and inflation. Through turbulent times, such as an economic downturn, gold and other precious metals retain value and are trusted to strengthen and secure wealth, where paper assets may not.
Consider weakening currencies, international tensions and natural disasters in a world where light-speed communications can turn any geopolitical murmur into a major shack wave to the financial system. Physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium provide protection against these major financial shocks by creating a strategically balanced investment portfolio. Precious Metals give your retirement portfolio the benefit of:
A hedge for purchasing power when inflation devalues paper currency, the relative purchasing power of Gold and Silver generally remains intact.

Insurance for other investments Precious Metals values generally move independently of stocks, bonds, and treasury bills, making them a possible hedge against unstable markets and keeping your portfolio balanced. A precious metals IRA is a Self-Directed IRA. You can invest in your choice or IRA-Approved products. WEALTH CAPITAL specialists are available to help you diversify your assets into a precious metals portfolio. Any profits from the sale of your investments can be taxed deferred, just like any profits from an IRA, as long as you keep the proceeds from your sale with your custodian for reinvestment or transfer or rollover the proceeds to another custodian for an IRA account. Worth Preservation helps you get the most from a precious metals IRA, with our vast relationship’s with the right custodians and internationally recognized depositories where your precious metals is stored in your own segregated account. Transfer your current IRA 401K retirement account tax-free and penalty-free into a precious metals IRA.

For several years only gold and silver U.S. American Eagle coins were allowed as IRA investments. Since 1998, the new platinum U.S. American Eagle coin has also been allowed, as well as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion which meet certain standards. We have made it easier than ever to open (transfer, rollover tax and penalty-free) a precious metals IRA account through our established working relationships with custodians and depositories. Worth Preservation will provide you with a list of custodians that specialize in physical precious metals. A list of recognized depositories that will hold your precious metals investment in your own segregated account. Your custodian will provide you with hardcopy statements showing all activity in your account and fair market value of your investments (stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, ETC). Also you will have online access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When it comes time to take distribution from your IRA, you may choose to convert your precious metal into cash, or take distribution of your precious metals. We are only concerned with making the investments you direct, protecting your assets while they are in the IRA, and performing all the duties of your IRA custodian, and your depository. They do not offer or sell any investments, nor do they give any tax or legal advice. They do not benefit financially from your investment choices.

Three Simple Steps:

Open an account with Worth Preservation!

• We can provide you with a list of custodians and depositories you can use, fill out all documentation.
• The custodian you pick will need a current statement of your IRA or 401K, and a Government photo ID.
• Send all documents back to Worth Preservation, and we will forward everything to your new custodian.
• You will then within 24 to 48 hours receive your account number from you custodian


Fund the Account

• Contact your current custodian and liquidate the dollar amount you would like to purchase IRA approved precious metals.
• Your new custodian will contact your existing custodian and forward them the appropriate information. Funds will be transferred or rolled over tax-free and penalty-free. When your new custodian receives your funds from your existing custodian they will notify us.



• You will place your order with Worth Preservation and we will send your invoice to your custodian.
• Your custodian will wire Worth Preservation the funding for your purchase, and we will deliver your precious metals to your depository.
• Upon shipping everything is registered and insured
• Upon distribution you may elect to take possession of your metal or opt to receive cash.
• Call for more details about how everything works.